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Final Posting

It has been a great semester, but now it’s over. I learned a lot about marketing. It’s not just a way to push products onto consumers, it’s a way to highlight mission statements and raise awareness. Marketing is just as important for non-profit’s as it is for big corporations. It’s a vital part of our economy. It’s an important role as a career. I look forward to learning more about marketing as I pursue a degree in business administration, and ultimately obtain my MBA.

So long for now, but I’m sure I will continue posting as I stay involved in the marketing world!

-Hannah Hutt.


Life after the Ice Bucket Challenge

I think it’s safe to say that we all remember the Ice Bucket challenge that stormed our social media this summer. It was a viral marketing campaign that brought awareness to ALS– a disease that a lot of people didn’t know about.

It might have been a fad that annoyed people. You could argue that people were participating who didn’t know or care about the disease. But no matter what negative thing you point out, it was very successful. Below is a webinar about the success of the marketing campaign and the advancements in science.